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In mid-2017, Cannabidiol Life started as an EDUCATION platform with product guides for the most sought after CBD products as well as 50+ articles that explained, in detail, what CBD could potentially do for each condition. Each health-based article was based on scientific studies and medical journals provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health.

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Being one of the first websites of its kind, Cannabidiol Life grew quickly with over 12,000 subscribers in the first few months. With this audience now following, an abundant amount of requests came pouring in for guidance on where to buy QUALITY CBD products. Since almost every CBD company on the market at the time was selling similar products, Cannabidiol Life sought to set the standard in CBD products. Backed by its education platform, Cannabidiol Life decided to launch a small product line in October 2017.

Since the 2017 product launch, Cannabidiol Life has secured incredible manufacturing & industry-leading partners, upgraded several industry-standard processes, won awards and has continued growing in every facet of both the Hemp & CBD Industry.


Custom CBD Gifts is the next big thing to come out of our phenomenal brands and products.  You see, we could not just put a brand to market and call it “done”. We felt that we could take a whole new approach to the industry, and offer health and wellness in entirely new and different markets that would allow our customers to not only experience our brand but share it with those they love the most in the world!

We are pretty excited to introduce you to the concept and share with you, so that you can share with your friends and family and the people in your life that mean the most, and for whom you want to see the very best in quality of life!

Our team is comprised of invaluable industry talent….so without further adieu, meet our amazing team!




Christopher Visser

Who Am I?

Christopher Visser brings a passion and expertise to the Hemp space that is unlike any other. You can feel his energy when he walks into the room and that same energy gets poured into every facet of his life, both personal & professional. He genuinely has a passion for helping others (which is the reason he started CustomCBDGifts.com & his first CBD brand, Cannabidiol Life, along with more than a decade of experience in SEO, website building, affiliate marketing & online advertising.

The culmination of his above expertise, tenacity, giving spirit and willingness to learn & grow through the toughest of situations is what brought together the unique presence of CustomCBDGifts.com to the market along with his amazing team you see below.

Chris welcomes you to CustomCBDGifts.com & invites you to browse, inquire, share & create the perfect gift for that special someone or special occasion, with all the amazing options available to you. Have fun & enjoy it!


Jessica Arent (Hemp Encanntress)

Who Am I?

Jessica is most often seen in the company of her service companion, Tater Tot, teaching the benefits of cannabinoids and plant extracts for both humans and their companions alike around the country and overseas at medical symposiums and trade shows… this is her passion.
Jessica dreams in vivid colors and with incomparable aspirations. Focused on making a difference, and carving out some of her own bit of history making, she innovates ideas in the world of plant medicine that makes it easy to share with friends and family
Coming from a diverse background in hospitality, her service-for-others-first disposition lends itself to the world of Cannabinoid sciences and phyto-wellness and is a perfect portal to the custom gift industry.
Jessica believes that we should have the ability to give the gift of health through nature in all of it’s healing, to our friends and family, and sees www.cbdcustomgifts.com as the perfect way to give back to those who have invested in us and  introduce those we love to the idea of natural health and wellness through our endocannabinoid systems and the use of cannabinoids!

Medical Director

Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD

Who Am I?

Dr. Joseph Rosado is an internal medicine & pioneering medical cannabis doctor as well as one of the first to recommend medical cannabis to patients in the State of Florida, as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. In addition to seeing patients at his practice in Ormond Beach, Florida, he travels the world speaking & teaching about cannabis along with its many medicinal properties and is one of the most highly respected in his field.

Dr. Rosado chose to work with CustomCBDGifts.com (Cannabidiol Life) because he saw a company doing things the right way and doing things differently than any other organization out there. We are both grateful & thankful to have him as part of the team & hope that you are just as excited as we are, to have a doctor’s approval on each of the CBD products we offer.


Zachary Keeney

Who Am I?

Zachary Keeney’s background has long-established roots in finance, operations, and health & wellness. Graduating at the top of his class from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Business Finance, he used that training & expertise to establish himself in the business world, while continuing to follow his passion for health & wellness.

For more than a decade, he has continued to establish close relationships with highly experienced mentors & business partners. From C-level executives of multi-billion dollar corporations to some of the most respected in the hemp space, he played either a founding or crucial role in many start-ups (including CustomCBDGifts.com); all while studying health & wellness, specifically how hormones, nutrition & fitness affect the human body and the longevity that comes from the balance among these components.

Combining his vast expertise, partnerships & attention to detail, he is able to bring a unique perspective & talent to the CustomCBDGifts.com team, allowing us to serve you & your loved ones to create an experience unlike any other.

Customer Support

Jennifer Jellison

Who Am I?

Jennifer Jellison is the “Jane of All Trades” here at CustomCBDGifts.com. Having been with our main brand (Cannabidiol Life) since its inception, she has had the opportunity to work in every department, in some facet, and fully understands how our operation runs inside & out. She is also a Registered Nurse and not only understands the inner workings of human anatomy, but she also understands how CBD works throughout the body.

Combine the above with the fact that Jenn has an amazing ability to connect with people in any situation, it is no wonder she was picked to be the first point of contact between the CustomCBDGifts.com team and our beautiful customer’s friends & family.

In Jenn’s own words “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for someone I love and I’m here to help you do the same with your future Custom CBD Gift” 🙂

We're Stronger, Together.

Please be sure to join our monthly newsletter for discounts, special promos, and mission updates for our project, "A Better Tomorrow."

We're Stronger, Together.

Please be sure to join our monthly newsletter for discounts, special promos, and mission updates for our project, "A Better Tomorrow."